Seven Design Points for Restaurant Furniture Stores

- Jun 08, 2018-

A successful store design mainly depends on the following factors and its close relationship: consumer lifestyle and values, target customers, business concepts, product classification, product composition, store composition, product layout, product display, product representation . The first six parts are the upstream work in the store design. The store design is a comprehensive and complex work. Needs rational analysis, and has a strong planning component. The level of these work levels greatly determines the victory of the store design. At the same time, the following should also be noted:

1. The design of restaurant furniture stores should be conducive to the display and display of restaurant furniture and to the promotion of merchandise. Ultimately, it invented a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment for customers.

Inspire purchase desire. That is, restaurant furniture is the protagonist.

2. In general, restaurant furniture should be highlighted. The interior design and architectural decoration techniques should be products, and in a sense, the interior environment of the business office should be the background of the product.

Inspire the theme of shopping to consider. Good ventilation. It is also extremely important to improve the business environment.

3. The lighting of the store plays a significant role in displaying restaurant furniture and setting off the environment. The color of indoor materials should also highlight the restaurant furniture.

Salesperson service is convenient.

4, the field should make the customer flow smooth. The fire protection area is clear, the entrance of the channel is smooth, and all are in compliance with the safety evacuation requirements.

Let people see the store will think of its brand. In addition, attention should be paid to the layout of the store's shop when planning the store.

5, the store must have a strong identity. This is like the signboard of the store. Generally, the store's storefront will have a warm display of the store atmosphere specially designed by the store to render the customer's shopping mood and give the customer a good shopping impression.

Not only reflect the characteristics of brand management,

6, design and decoration. It should also express the brand's style, concept and humanistic concepts. Use the construction process.

7, a reasonable choice of decorative materials. Not only does it provide feasibility for the realization of design ideas, but it will also become an important part of the overall brand image. Decorative materials and processes determine the success or failure of space formation.