Sauna sofa purchase common sense

- Dec 28, 2017-

The most important is the sofa cushion sofa: poor quality cushion fabric too slippery, seat depth design is unreasonable, people sit up, it will fall, the purchase can personally verify at the scene if there is such a defect.

Sauna sofa, after all, is not a bed, some industry sources believe that, due to be a sofa to sit, taking into account the comfort level of sitting, sauna sofa, the amount of spring mattress less than normal, in contrast, lack of elasticity, long people lay Sleeping above, bones are not enough to relax, not conducive to sleep. So, it is best to buy yourself a bed, sauna sofa used as a leisure entertainment. Probably for this reason, there are few manufacturers specializing in sauna sofas, and most brand furniture simply treats sauna sofas as their own "variety." So when you buy sauna sofa or to carefully observe, carefully buy.