Sauna room decoration design and purchase knowledge

- May 31, 2018-

The sauna room includes a dry steam room and a squirrel room. However, people say that the sauna is a dry steam room and the steam room is a steam room. The body of the upscale sauna room is Nordic white pine, which has been treated with high-temperature degreasing and disinfection. It is also called “hygienic board”. The middle of the installed sauna wall and the top of the wall board are the main insulation.

   The sauna room is made of high temperature-treated white pine and insulated with partition cotton, which can be selected according to the specifications of the finished product. The sauna room can be designed with multiple sizes according to the size of the accommodation. There are many specifications. If the bath center receives a large number of guests, two small saunas with different temperatures can be designed. This is more economical and practical than designing a large sauna room. This can satisfy guests' different demands on the temperature of the sauna room. At the peak of traffic, close one of them to reduce electricity consumption. Usually a 2000mmX2000mm sauna can accommodate 100 people a day. Since the sauna is a modular structure, it has flexible requirements for civil engineering and facilitates dismantling and facilitates transportation to another local facility. To accommodate a large number of customers, installing two saunas with different temperatures is more economical and practical than designing a large bathroom. Because customers have different requirements for temperature, if two saunas with different temperatures are designed so that customers can choose freely, they will be more effective if they need it. During non-peak hours, one of them can be closed to reduce electricity consumption. That is, the bathroom is much smaller, and the dispersion is better than concentration. The sauna room can be equipped with TV, stereo, hidden lights and humidity regulators.


    The main design points of the custom-made sauna are: There are air holes through the wall, a hole in the top of the sauna room, if the space is sealed, there must be at least one on the partition (above the sauna door). Vents to ensure air and convection in the sauna room. Ventilation pipe is installed on the roof of the sauna. Ventilation pipe should be installed at the junction between the partition and sauna roof. The advantage of the modular sauna is that it has both internal and external walls, which can save the construction of the external walls of the civil works, and the installation is simple and quick, and easy to handle. The sauna decoration ( requires that the ceilings and walls of each room be protected from heat and water. With bath beds, special buckets, electric stoves, tablespoons and olive branches, thermometers, hygrometers and hourglass timers. The facilities in the bathroom are well-equipped and in good condition, and their integrity rate is 100%. Next to the sauna, there must be a men's and women's locker room corresponding to the level and quantity of reception capacity. The locker room for the shower room and the locker room for the health room should be equipped with a locker, clothes hanger, hanger, shoe rack and bench. The shower rooms are isolated from each other and equipped with hot and cold dual water shower heads and shower curtains. The toilet is equipped with isolated sitting type toilets, hanging bucket type urinals, large mirrors and fixed hair dryers and other sanitary equipment. All supporting facilities are fully covered with tiles or marble on the walls and floors, and there are anti-skid measures. (4) There is a drinking place in the bathroom. The selection and decoration of various supporting facilities and materials should be compatible with the gym facilities and equipment.

   Sauna purchase knowledge

First, look at the size. There are two types of saunas available on the market. One can be freely moved to any position, and one can be fixedly installed. If you choose a sauna that requires a fixed installation, you must consider the size and height of your own bathroom. If the bathroom area is small, it is best to buy a single sauna. The minimum sauna available on the market today requires only 4-5 square meters of toilet. The installation of a double sauna requires a bathroom of about 10 square meters. The height of the room cannot be less than 20 square meters. If you purchase a far-infrared sauna, you do not need to do these considerations because it does not require complicated fixed installation, can move freely, and can be freely placed in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. It is very convenient anywhere.

 Second, look at the material. There are many plates that can be used for saunas. In general, the materials of cedar and red cedar are relatively good, but the corresponding prices are relatively expensive. When purchasing materials, it depends on whether the wood has the properties of non-deformable, durable and anti-corrosion, and chooses a specific material according to its own economic conditions.

 Third, look at the voltage and power. Due to differences in the brand and models, sauna current and power are also different, in general, the general sauna on the market is more than 4,500 watts of power, far infrared sauna power About 2000 watts. The voltage in the sauna room is mostly 220V. If you need a sauna with a voltage of 380V, you must modify the meter in your home. Therefore, consumers should purchase according to their actual situation.

 Fourth, look at the brand. Sauna rooms are generally more expensive and take longer. However, the quality of sauna rooms produced by different manufacturers varies greatly.