Rural style adornment color and plant

- Jan 31, 2018-

       Rural style creates a natural and sweet home environment through colorific collocation . At the same time, the rural style also elaborates indoor green, adding a few more rural flavor.

       Rural style adornment color

       Rural style mostly uses the soft color that is close to nature, low contrast, there are some common color is: green, white, ground color and original wood color and so on. On metope color choice, natural, nostalgic and sending out the  rustic tinges will be the first choice. Grass, green leaves,  elegant flowers, creating a fresh and comfortable space.

      Rural style adornment plant

      The natural and unpretentious potted plant with natural fragrance is one of the common elements in the rural style household. In daily life, the ornamental plants commonly used in pastoral style are evergreen, dandruff, green basket, rich tree, fragrant plantain, green giant, south tianzhu, etc. Most of them are green plants that do not blossom. According to the room structure,they were scattered on the ground of the room, ark, the head of a bed, tea table, dresser, form strewn at random ,forming a well-arranged pattern and sense of depth, whcih fully embodies the harmonious relationship between human and nature. In addition, some dry petals and spices can be placed in transparent glass bottles and ancient ceramic pots.  Near the corner outside the window, a few vines of plantscan be considered ,which can add a bit of rural flavor.

Rural style JK furniture made in China.jpg