Rubber wood furniture knowledge

- Aug 09, 2018-


In general, rubber wood itself has a very light color, this natural light color is not only very beautiful, but also easy to process, easy to color, can accept all types of color paints and dyes, if for rubber wood furniture products More beautiful, we can choose the color matching the rubber wood quality image processing. At the same time, if we use more than one type of rubber wood in our furniture products, we only need to process the rubber wood into the color of the furniture material. It is because the rubber wood is particularly good in color, so the rubber Wood furniture is also very easy to make.


Rubber wood is a high-quality furniture product that has many advantages, such as its hardness. Natural rubber wood furniture has a very hard material texture. This hardness has a very good load-bearing capacity. Therefore, rubber wood is often used as a production material for furniture products such as bottoms, floors, tables and countertops. Secondly, rubber wood is particularly wear-resistant, and even if it has been used for many years, it can maintain its new smooth texture. This is a particularly striking advantage in many furniture production materials, so it is good in hardness and wear resistance. The most striking advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood furniture.


Like ash solid wood furniture, rubber wood furniture products also have their natural texture and color, and their textures are shaped like hills, so we also call it a mountain-shaped pattern, which has a uniform distribution and looks very Natural, beautiful, and has a very good texture. As a high-grade furniture product selection, rubber wood furniture has a very eye-catching sense of solidity. It has a dignified and stable quality comparable to mahogany furniture, but the price is much more affordable than mahogany furniture. .


I believe that few people will care about the taste of a furniture product, but individual consumers will still be worried about the taste of solid wood furniture products, such as our rubber wood furniture products, of course, rubber wood furniture products will have some The faint rubber taste, secondly, the rubber wood has more sugar content, and the material is more prone to discoloration. The anti-mite and anti-insect effects are not obvious, and it is easy to crack under relatively dry conditions.


The rubber wood is particularly strong and can be made into any furniture product with beautiful shape and soft curve. At the same time, it can also be used as our decorative furniture product material. After the anti-corrosion treatment, the rubber wood is used as the furniture board. Elegant, exquisite, natural and beautiful in texture, and the structure is also very fine, so it is favored by furniture manufacturers who pay attention to the decorative effect of wood structure. Therefore, rubber wood is used more and more widely, and it is often used as high-grade wood in the furniture industry. use. Secondly, the growth cycle of rubber wood is very short, and it can grow in ten years.