Restaurant seat sofa size

- May 28, 2018-

As one of the seats in the restaurant, the seat sofa is now more and more popular. Its simple structure but elegant, more importantly, it's cost-effective, cheaper than the sofa, higher grade than the dining chair.

The size of the seat sofa is generally designed according to the actual structure of the restaurant. Xuan Yi furniture in the production and design process, often encountered close to the size of the following to tell you. Its double-digit length is between 1000-1200mm, three-digit is generally between 1500-1800mm, and the depth and height should be the same for both three-person and two-person. The height of the backrest is between 850-1000mm and the height of the seat cushion is between 400-450mm. The width of the backrest together with the seat cushion is generally 600-650mm.