Restaurant furniture size

- May 19, 2018-

One, sofa size

    The common restaurant sofas are single, double and deck. Restaurant single sofa size: sitting width 550-650mm, sitting depth 600-650mm, backrest height 750-800mm; restaurant sofa size: length 1200-1500mm, seat depth 650-700mm, backrest height 750-800mm; and restaurant seats The sofa size we have in the other article alone makes a detailed introduction, please refer to the "restaurant seat sofa size".

Second, the dining chair size

   There are many kinds of dining chairs in the dining room furniture. There are three common materials: soft chairs, solid wood chairs, bentwood chairs, and metal chairs. Under normal circumstances, the dining chair size is relatively consistent, give you a reference value, the backrest height is generally in: 750-790mm, sitting height: 400-450mm, sitting about 420mm deep, sitting width 420-450mm. It is worth noting that when customizing the size of the dining chair,

We grasp the height of the dining table. Being too tall or too short has an impact on the convenience of dining.

Third, the table size

   The dining table has two kinds of round table and square table according to the appearance. The height of all dining tables is basically about 700-760mm, usually the height of the table is 720mm. The size of the desktop varies according to the number of people. The round table is usually calculated according to the diameter of the desktop, such as two people are 500-800mm, four people 900mm, five people 1100mm, six people 1100-1125mm, eight people 1300mm, ten people 1500mm. The square table has a desktop width of 700mm, a two-person square table with a size of 700*700mm, a quadrate table with a size of 1200*700mm, and a six-place table with 1500*700mm.