Problems to pay attention to when buying furniture

- Mar 30, 2018-

Furniture is an indispensable item in modern life. Furniture is a large item, so buying furniture is not a trivial matter. Furniture usually takes a few years, but in the process of buying furniture, we need to know a lot about the qualification of furniture. . Shenzhen Wooden House Furniture Xiaobian finishing questions about buying furniture question and answer Raiders for your reference, to see if we usually have the right knowledge.


1. Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly


Consumer: Is it good to buy solid wood furniture or plate furniture?


Experts: There are mainly three types of wooden furniture, one is solid wood furniture, one is artificial board furniture, and the other is integrated board furniture made of solid wood and wood-based panels. The latter two types of furniture are often referred to as panel furniture. Solid wood furniture prices are high, but do not contain formaldehyde, more environmentally friendly. Plate furniture is cheap, but contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde. As long as the formaldehyde content is within the standard range, it is a qualified product. It is advisable for the seller to provide a furniture inspection report when purchasing furniture.


2. Sofa must have a test report


Consumer: Is the sofa really good for leather or cloth?


Experts: This depends on personal preferences. Each has its own advantages. However, if the leather sofa is not processed properly during processing, it will have the taste of leather and the leather will also be easily cracked, and it may contain formaldehyde. Cloth sofa fabric is also prone to excessive formaldehyde, in the selection of sofas should pay attention to see if there are inspection reports. If you are concerned about harmful substances, you can buy a solid wood sofa.


3. The discoloration of furniture may be a quality issue


Consumer: I bought a set of white rustic furniture. The planks of the bed became pink in less than a month. The same problem was changed three times.

Experts: The same problem still occurred after several replacements, indicating that the batch of products used the same technology and raw materials, and there may be quality problems. It is recommended that you negotiate a return with the manufacturer, or take the product to the quality supervision department for testing, so that the other party bears the cost of testing.


Qualified white furniture is not obvious discoloration, at least can guarantee no discoloration within one year. If the furniture does not change color soon after it is bought, and the discoloration is obvious, such furniture is likely to have quality problems.

4. Furniture taste is not necessarily excessive formaldehyde


Consumer: There is still a taste for the panel furniture bought six months ago. Is it caused by excessive formaldehyde?


Experts: This will only give answers after testing. Some consumers buy the furniture for a long time or have a taste because the release of formaldehyde is slower. If the formaldehyde content of the furniture exceeds the limit, it will be prone to long-term odor. Of course, the taste of furniture is not necessarily the fault of furniture. Because such a situation may not be the taste of the furniture itself, such as the small size of the house, placed too much furniture.


5. Do not choose too soft mattress


Consumer: I want to buy a mattress. The friend said that the softer the better, is this?


Experts: This is a misunderstanding. One is that it is not good for the body, and the other is that such a mattress is likely to have quality problems. For example, if the used spring is not up to standard, spring deformation will occur soon after sleeping.


6. The furniture does not have instructions that are unqualified


Consumer: I bought a set of furniture, I feel heavy smell, I want to be a test. What is the process of doing the test?


Experts: First of all, I suggest that you first negotiate with the business to see if you can return. The cost of rights protection through inspection is higher, for example, the detection cost of furniture formaldehyde content is generally 500 yuan. It is very likely that we will destroy the panels of the furniture and dissolve and retest the panels. This will also affect the use of furniture. Consumers are advised to choose reputable merchants and well-known brands when purchasing furniture. At the same time, we must ask for instructions for use of furniture. In the absence of manual furniture, we first identified it as a substandard product. When consumers purchase custom furniture, they must also sign a good contract.

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