Pregnant women can't use camphor furniture

- Mar 24, 2018-

          Because camphor tree is evergreen and grows slow ,  so the ring is very serried and the texture is sturdy. Accordingly, camphor wood furniture will retain its original grain normally, which looks natural and beautiful.

        The next is what everybody knows, camphor wood furniture has the natural fragrance of camphor wood, the matter extracted from it can be used to make the camphor balls often used in the chest. And the fragrance of camphor wood furniture can last for a long time . Some centuries of camphor wood utensil is unearthed, new cutting surface still can give off fragrance.

        Solid wood furniture is usually afraid of moth, but the smell of camphor wood can drive or kill some kinds of cockroach ant insect. And it also can absorb  formaldehyde and the smell in the air and so on. Finally, camphor wood itself also has medical value, not only can invigorate blood stasis, dispel rheumatism, still can prevent arthritis and so on. In short, its own performance is good, environment-friendly , and does no harm to clothing, also does not pollute the environment.

        There are always two sides for everything,, which requires reasonable avoidance in the process of use. For example, although the fragrance of camphor wood can purify the air and kill insect and  ants, its fragrance contains camphor, camphor, phenol and other substances, which have different degrees of harm to human body. Especially in the bedroom that ventilated condition is not good .  In addition, camphor has the function of activating blood and removing blood stasis to fight early pregnancy. But this effect is a kind of harm to pregnant women .  so, if there are pregnant women in the home, the best guarantee is the bedroom has a good ventilation condition of , or temporarily move camphor furniture to the other room. Of course, it is better not tobuy the bed of camphor wood, which may cause abortion easily. No matter what kind of wood the furniture is made of , there will be corresponding advantages and disadvantages. So, be aware before buying. If the use method is correct, camphor wood furniture can play its function . But if a camphor wood furniture is used in a room that ventilated conditiong is bad all day , making oneself dizzy and disgusting , what a waste it is ?