Plants that should not be placed on the office table

- Jul 05, 2018-

Now everyone's general work pressure is relatively large, almost every day staring at the computer screen and dense text data, which will cause mental fatigue, but also cause eye pain. At this time, many people chose to put some green plants on the office desk to alleviate these fatigues. Today, the office manufacturers will tell you about the plants that should not be placed on the office desk. The choice of these plants is also very particular.


Cactus is easy to raise, so many people will choose to put one on the office desk. Cactus has the meaning of preventing damage, and some people choose to place a small cactus to prevent the villain from approaching. However, while placing cacti to resist the damage, it also built a wall for itself, and it will make some people feel that you are difficult to get along with, and you may not be able to get close.

2. Flowers

Although the flowers are graceful and fragrant, they are not suitable for use on the office desk. Because good-looking flowers are easy to attract attention, which affects work efficiency. Flowers have the effect of plucking peach blossoms, which may allow you to stage the "house romance" dog blood drama.

3. Lush plants

Vine or prosperous plants are not suitable for use on a panel office. Because these plants are so leafy, they seem to want to cover up something. Implied that the villain grows in the dark and secretly harms you. Coupled with the faster growth of vines, they will soon occupy a certain amount of space, so it is not suitable for placing on the office desk.