Place the footbath sofa to take hold of the size and make full use of the space

- Jun 06, 2018-

There are many large foot bath private rooms in the market. After the foot bath sofa and leisure coffee table, the whole private room still feels very empty. The customers lack the intimacy and warmth brought by the space, and it also causes a waste of use area. Reduced area usage and increased operating costs in disguise. On the other hand, some foot bath rooms are very small, and the space behind the foot bath sofa and the leisure coffee table is very crowded. The size of the foot bath sofa and the size of the booth are extremely inconsistent, which creates a great sense of space depression and crowding. The situation not only regrets the lack of foot bath expertise for those who are engaged in the design of foot baths; more investors feel sorry for not getting a satisfactory foot bath project after spending a lot of money and time!

So what size of a foot bath shop room is reasonable, here's a relevant analysis on the size of the foot bath room: Foot bath sofa background wall set aside 10cm modeling thickness, foot bath sofa from the background wall to a minimum of 30cm (for the convenience of employees in the foot bath sofa through And do a head massage operation, if this item is included in your project), foot bath sand development and open to 180cm (to meet the average body customer lying back to do back massage), employees sit on a stool to work an area of 60cm (To meet the normal operation of employees, which stools width 30cm), employees sit behind and stay 90cm of space (satisfaction with the end of the technician's barrel to pass smoothly), wall hanging LCD TV highlights 15cm. 10cm +30cm +180cm +60cm +90cm +15cm = 385cm, then the width of an ordinary foot bath room is 385cm to meet the normal use. If the TV in the room is a desktop computer, it is necessary to configure a decorative cabinet, generally about 45cm, then the width of the private bath room should be controlled at 400cm. There are also some private foot bath shop rooms are very fine, foot bath sofa can not be laid flat about 150cm, in order to do head and shoulder massage for customers when customers need to sit back while sitting on the back of the TV, do not need foot bath sofa Behind the reserved space, the width of the private room can be controlled at 320cm. (The above dimension values are some empirical data that are summarized and are not absolute dimensions, but also need to be based on space conditions).

For example, usually 1,000 square meters of area is only 10 private high-grade foot health clubs, there are more than 200 square meters of area to do more than 10 private rooms of refined foot bath shop, but this requires investors and designers In the service project, market positioning, business processes, on-site situation and many other aspects reached an accurate consensus; then through the scientific calculations of the designer, can make a reasonable foot bath unoccupied size.