Origin and classification of American furniture

- Sep 06, 2018-

1. The first reaction of many people to American-style furniture is related to the rural cowboys. Indeed, American-style furniture reflects American respect and recognition of history and descent. In contemporary times, as a unique home genre, American-style furniture has won consumers with its simple, clear lines and decent decoration. Favor.

American home style is mainly rooted in European culture. American-style furniture has been popular since the 1930s, and it is obvious that the blood of British, French and Italian classical furniture flows. Although American-style furniture is not like European furniture, most of it will be decorated with gold or other colors. American-style furniture also attaches great importance to decoration. Some small pieces of furniture and ornaments often use hand-painted craftsmanship. The level of hand-painting is very rich, and the color is You can feel the running of the brush by touching it with your hand.

American-style furniture is very fashionable, it is very clever to abandon the flamboyant and complex style of Baroque and Rococo style, emphasizing the unique cultural connotation of the United States, focusing on simple, clear lines and textures, different colors of wood and different parts. The texture, and even the special textures produced by the pathological changes in the tree growing season are the favorites of American-style furniture. The intriguing part reveals the ancient and long-lasting fragrance. American-style furniture emphasizes comfort, style, practicality and versatility.

2, American style furniture classification

From the perspective of modeling, American style furniture can be divided into three categories: American country style furniture, American classical furniture, and American neoclassical furniture.

3, American-style furniture: in the American furniture has always occupied an important position, the furniture style is generous, the lines are full of tension, the details are gorgeous, which complements its simple shape and functional structure. The exterior and materials still maintain a natural, simple style, and the hidden design drawers accommodate the space to make it look cleaner and more beautiful.

4. American neo-classical furniture: The basis of American neo-classical furniture is the lifestyle brought by immigrants from all over the European Renaissance. The designer combines classic style with individual style and modern spirit. The neo-classical American furniture, which is elegant in style but not over-decorated, is a masterpiece of typical American furniture.

5, American classical style furniture: American classical furniture not only reflects the style of the atmosphere from the appearance, but also highlights the aristocratic enjoyment of the imperial power in comfort. Elegantly styled furniture, but not overly decorated, is a masterpiece of typical American furniture.

The comfort and freedom of American furniture is the reason for most people to choose. Learn more about American furniture before buying, so that you can be more confident in your choice.