Old crafts of American furniture

- Aug 14, 2018-

The inclusiveness of culture and history is the characteristic of American furniture. There is an inexpressible momentum in the volume of American antique furniture, and a small insect eye or a small paint crack on the furniture seems to be inadvertent, but in fact it is a "deliberate" design. - In order to emphasize the heritage of history and the cultural heritage.

In modern homes, old furniture that has been used for a long time is always easy to be abandoned. However, American-style furniture pays attention to the fine craftsmanship, with the retro as the soul and the love of old craftsmanship.

Destruction is a processing process in which American furniture fully reflects the antique effect in the process of alteration. It mainly imitates wormholes, marks, spray points, exposed ribs, printing and abrasion, and shapes the effect of historical continuation.


The wormhole is a trace of the wood left behind after being stored for a long time. In general, the phenomenon of insects is more common in the destruction of furniture and on the edge. It can be concentrated in large pieces or scattered around zero to form realistic traces of insects, which will become more attractive as the years go by.


Sickle marks: Sickle marks are traces of the sliding of a piece of jagged object in the long-term use or storage of furniture.

Hammer marks: Hammer marks are traces left after being hammered at a certain angle with a hammer. It is mainly to imitate the traces of the furniture being crushed or stabbed by other objects during long-term use. Depending on the size of the impactor, such traces are large and small, and the shapes are varied.

Chamfering, chamfering: imitating the wear and tear of furniture in areas or corners that have been frequently used for a long time.

Thread mark: A trace left by a threaded metal object on the surface of the furniture.

Horsetail marks: that is, with curved scratches, the scars can be thick and thin.

Scar: It is a curved groove that is left after imitating insect eclipse. It mimics the sinuous and creeping traces of irregular, deep and natural changes.

Spray point

Most of the dots are black and dark brown. It is a transparent or opaque pigmented paint. It is commonly known as "fly black spots" in foreign countries. It mainly imitates the excrement left by the flies in the long-term use of the furniture or the traces left by some colored objects splashing on the furniture, which is a strong process of antique effect.


The exposed ribs let the wood ribs appear. Use a wire brush and other tools to remove the soft parts of the early wood, retaining the dense late wood, simulating the long-lasting effect

Cloth printing

Cloth printing is essentially a color and layer treatment. It is brushed by hand to make the surface of the furniture have deep, medium and light colors, which forms a kind of furniture that has been degraded by long-term use.


American furniture seeks to express the historical sense of its use, and the most common method is polishing. Apply a few coats of paint and sand the paint layer on the surface of the furniture at random places to achieve a natural wear. Of course, this is a simple appearance. The real American painting is the most complicated in all techniques. It needs to be bleached, filled, sanded, destroyed, and then painted.

The heavy American furniture is such a finely crafted, it has created a sense of sedimentation of history, reflecting the design concept of pursuing nature and advocating natural life, giving people a comfortable and not leaky comfort!