Office table and chair collocation skills

- Jun 19, 2018-

The long-style dining table chair can be equipped with a long chandelier, which means harmony. It can also be used in combination with the same chandelier. The former is more atmospheric, while the latter is more welcoming; if the chandelier is smaller, it can also be staggered to a height that will give the table a lively atmosphere. In addition, if the dining area is located in the corner of the living room, it is also necessary to consider the connection with the main light of the living room.

2. The extended style dinette is suitable for use in a restaurant with a large area. Together, in the large space, we should pay more attention to the care of the color and the raw materials, otherwise it seems to be slack; the raw wood colored table is in harmony with the brown thick velvet window cloth and the light brown wool carpet. The metal legs and legs for the table legs are also used. As a result, the integrity is reinforced by these details.

3. Round tables and chairs are relatively sensitive and suitable for smaller restaurants. For families with larger kitchens and restaurants, in addition to the formal dining tables in the dining room, it is also possible to place a small round dining table in the area close to the kitchen, serving as a meal for ordinary family members, together, in the kitchen. The dining table in the center of the living room also plays a role of separation and transition.

4. The rattan dinning table and chair can take care of the natural theme of dark grapefruit floor and brown cabinets, simple and natural; the table legs and legs are made of metal materials, and they all take care of other elements in the dining room space, such as the food placed by the wall. Side cabinet legs and handles. In addition to adding space permeability in the summer, rattan chair can also be applied in autumn. Its color and texture are suitable for autumn mood.

5. Folding dining tables and chairs are particularly useful in small-sized houses. They do not have to be folded in time, and they are closed at the wall and do not take up space. If the home space is too small, there is no need for a dedicated restaurant in the corner of the living room. Open up an area as a simple dining area; besides the folding table, some shelves can be nailed to the wall. Common seasonings and some small decorations can be placed on it.