Office furniture purchase knowledge

- Apr 12, 2018-

Modern creative office furniture has become quite popular in recent years. It is extremely important for you how to buy a favorite office furniture. This article briefly introduces some common techniques for purchasing office furniture.

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The materials used for the blockboards of office furniture are all wood veneers. The cores of the blockboards are also wood logs with wooden fragrance.

2. Look at the label.

Check the office furniture's label grade, brand, production date, and formaldehyde content. Buying wood-based panels cannot be cheap, but it is best to buy brand-name or old-brand manufacturers.

3. Touch the surface.

The office furniture is of good quality and has a dry feel, low moisture content, and good flatness. There is no wave sense in both vertical and horizontal directions.

4. Look at the quality of the surface.

With good quality office furniture, the thickness of the core does not overlap with the core, and the surface is smooth.

5. Tap: Use the method of listening to hear how the internal quality of the Blockboard is. Use hand or blunt instrument to strike different parts. If the sound evenly shows that the internal structure is uniform, there is a big difference on the contrary. .

6. Look at the molding and welding of office furniture.

The key to this is related to the gap between the cabinet and the door and the door frame. If it is too large, the anti-cockroach function will be reduced.

7. Look at the anti-theft organization, locks, auxiliary parts, appearance.

These details are the key conditions that determine the normal use of office furniture. If something goes wrong, it may be a huge loss.

8. See the strength of the manufacturer, brand and after-sales service.

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A powerful manufacturer, the production of products with quality assurance, after-sales service is also relatively high quality.

A lot of office furniture companies in order to meet customer preferences, purchase and production of some very beautiful appearance of the product, high visibility, but the practicality of office furniture to a certain extent reduced. Therefore, as a purchaser, therefore, when purchasing goods, the purchaser must grasp the eight main shopping points.