Office furniture handling method

- Jun 23, 2018-

When moving furniture, it is not possible to pull the furniture hard and fast, and should be lifted lightly to avoid loosening or cracking of the feet and squats. Place the furniture in a flat place, with four legs on the same plane, and furniture. All of them must adhere to the ground straight, otherwise they may easily cause deformation of the whole furniture, door frames, etc., which will impair the service life of the furniture. When disassembling or transferring the furniture, the company should ask for help from a professional company. When transferring, it should have an outer package, but it should be light. Move lightly; for furniture that needs to be reinstalled, properly adjust the doors and drawers of the furniture to ensure normal operation.

Because the furniture made of precious wood is very heavy and brittle, one person only presents one side first when he moves, and the heavy weight is added to one leg momentarily, causing the furniture to be damaged. Therefore, it is best if two or four people move together and put them together to avoid crashing or smashing.

When placing furniture, it is best to keep a distance of about one centimeter from the wall and not close to the wall. Because if it is put too close, the water vapor on the brick wall will erode the furniture, make the furniture damp, it will also damage the wax layer on the exterior of the furniture, and then damage the wood.

Several types of stools: The transfer and use of this kind of furniture is relatively simple. Just note that when using furniture, it should be placed in a stable position.

Chair throne class: move the chair can not move the armrest, both hands should be placed under the chair, because the handrail squat is weak, to avoid damage. It is also not possible to move his hind legs (above), because the hind legs are thin and must withstand the weight of the entire chair.

Table categories: Moving table can not move weak carved parts, it is best to face down to move and stack, in order to drop its focus. When moving, both hands should be placed on the front and rear teeth plates, and must not be placed on the two head plates. Since the headboard in the furniture is a weak part, it is connected to the dental plate with only a small pimple.

Cabinets: The cabinet must be pinned on the door, and the drawers must be locked. It is best to use ropes first to "swim", tying up two laps, and to maintain the cabinet doors and drawers of the furniture, so as to avoid throwing them away during the transfer process. Out, broken. People who move cabinets should stand on both sides. People on one side should put the top of the cabinet and the other on the other side should carry the cabinet to the side so that the cabinet can be tilted to a 45-degree angle with the ground. This is more labor-saving and safer. It is a familiar move.

Bed type: Should first remove the screen, shelf and other parts on the bedside, place it on the bed surface, and then move it after being bundled; when the device is used, it should be installed after aligning according to the structural characteristics of the concrete.

Screen type: About the screen and screen device: Part of the screen, screen frame, base and screen center parts can be sensitively disassembled. When the device is installed, the base can stand steadily on the ground, and the screen base, the screen frame, the center of the screen center and the edge of the screen can be inserted upright.

As for hanging screens, you just need to pick a good-looking position and you can hang it.