Multifunctional sofa knowledge and structure

- Jun 05, 2018-

The multifunctional sofa is also called a dual-use sofa, which can be used as a seat for a sofa. After being laid flat, it can be used as a bed to sleep on it.

    The multifunctional sofa has pu leather surface, fabric surface, flocking and other fabrics. With the improvement of people's quality of life, many people will customize their leather surface. Although the cost is relatively high, the owner’s right A higher demand for life.

 Many customers confuse the multifunctional sofa with the sofa bed, which is not the case. Compared with the sofa bed, the multi-functional sofa is only single, double and triple, while the sofa bed is a whole, except for the three-person sofa, the laid-flat bed is a bed .

   The interior of the multi-functional sofa is a steel-wood structure with a built-in multi-functional sofa motor, which is basically the same as the operation of a traditional electric sofa. But there is one thing that electric sofas cannot do. The multifunctional sofa does not have a footstool, and its multifunctional sofa motor can control the control of two directions. In addition to the back can be freely raised and lowered, there is a movable baffle in front of the front seat cushion, which is along with the good backrest lift angle Realizes an ergonomic lift. This will not only save space but also be more human.

  Talk about the sponge of the multifunctional sofa. The Xinyu sofa factory ( uses a 33-density high-rebound sponge that meets the national standard. The cushion is not only resilience but also will not be recessed after many uses. , will be comfortable to the end.

   In the selection of multifunctional sofas, Shanghai Sofa Factory recommends that you first feel the comfort of the sofa. The first feeling of shopping is very important. First you must feel whether the sofa meets your requirements. . If you feel bumpy, or do not have flexibility when sitting down, such a sofa should be bought with caution. Wrap cloth depends on whether the fabric is tightly attached to the internal filler.