Multifunctional massage sofa brief description and working principle

- Jun 01, 2018-

With the continuous development of the economy and the ever-accelerating pace of people's lives, people are paying more and more attention to physical and mental health. A wide range of products with health care functions are also increasingly favored by consumers. Under a high degree of work pressure, having a multifunctional massage sofa is your best choice. The multifunctional massage sofa is a ergonomically designed sofa chair with massage function. Here's a brief introduction to the working principle of multifunctional massage sofa:

    The multi-function massage sofa is used to massage the entire back by simulating kneading, slamming, massage and other massage techniques of professional masseurs. It effectively adjusts the spine anteroposterior and left and right positions through up and down and left and right movements. It moves each spine and ligaments to make you comfortable. Get relaxed in the back massage. The vibrating massage function of the buttocks of the sofa can produce a sustained massage shock wave by oscillating the massager, promote blood circulation of the capillary, and quickly eliminate fatigue. The massage sofa is distributed on both sides of the retreat, and it can be used for soft and powerful kneading massage on the calf during massage so as to quickly eliminate the leg fatigue, soreness feeling, and the massage sofa is equipped with an electric adjuster according to the use of this. The person's preference is to adjust the working angle of the spine cushion to meet any massage posture, to keep the body in the most relaxed state, to completely release the body tower, and to enjoy a more comfortable massage in absolute balance. Combined with the design of linkage function of neck, ridge, buttocks and legs, the best massage extract can be achieved. This product is equipped with an automatic massage program that mimics the massage techniques of a professional massage therapist. It prepares a corresponding automatic massage program. It is stored on a microcomputer chip using high-tech technology. It can automatically drive the massage device and massage the human body in various ways. , The user can select the corresponding automatic program, comfortable and relaxing massage will give you unlimited comfort. According to the built-in microcomputer chip of the sofa, it has a variety of timing functions. When the massage starts, the electronic timer starts. After the massage time expires, the massage sofa will stop automatically to avoid physical discomfort caused by excessive massage.

   We firmly believe that using this product will definitely bring you more health and happiness.