Modern American furniture

- Apr 17, 2018-

What is modern American furniture?

American traditional furniture that has been continuously developed since the 18th century is the integration of various Dacheng works, but it has no specific style; while modern American furniture is more grand than the traditional, more colonial style and the original flavor of American early furniture.

It blends traditional British and French styles and becomes a unique American-style classical style furniture (referred to as American furniture or modern American furniture).

main feature

Modern American furniture is like this:


The United States is an immigrant country. Its immigration has come to various countries in Europe. Its furniture also contains elements of countries such as Europe, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Today, modern American furniture not only retains the elements of European early furniture, but also incorporates totems that express the concept of American culture, such as elephants, salmon, lions, eagles, loquat leaves, etc. The cultural totem is both European and American.


The innovation of modern American furniture is mainly reflected in the structure and process design: the improvement in the structure makes the modern American furniture adapt to modern hardware and has a good strength. Modern American furniture coating technology makes the surface of the furniture dark, so rich layered, or use the so-called old technology, so that the furniture surface has a sense of vicissitudes, more close to nature, close to the natural return of consumer psychology.