Maintenance and repair of fabric office furniture

- Jul 13, 2018-

For fabric office furniture, pay attention to maintenance during use, which can extend the use time. Below, Olin Furniture introduces some maintenance and repair techniques for fabric office furniture.

1. Before the use of fabric office furniture, anti-fouling treatment sprays can be purchased in the city for anti-fouling treatment.

2. Regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust.

3, to avoid fabric furniture directly to the sun, because the ultraviolet light will accelerate the aging of the fabric fiber, making it fade and become fragile.

4. Be careful not to sprinkle water directly on the screen to prevent moisture from penetrating into the board and causing deformation and other problems.

5, screen layout furniture, do not store in a humid and humid air environment, the indoor air circulation should be kept to avoid mildew due to moisture.

6. If the fabric office furniture is stained with oil, immediately remove the stain with a rag, and then remove the stain with a foam dry cleaning detergent (such as Shunfeng).

7. Some fabric sofa sets can be disassembled. It is recommended to disassemble and clean them regularly. Send them to the reputable dry cleaners for dry cleaning. Do not wash them by themselves to avoid shrinkage or discoloration.

8. If the fabric product has a large area of stains or needs to be cleaned in batches, you can contact the Olin branch or the franchisee customer service department and introduce a professional cleaning company to provide cleaning services.