Maintaining mahogany furniture with walnut oil

- Jun 20, 2018-

After many consumers bought their beloved mahogany furniture, they were troubled by how to maintain it. Here's an easy way to introduce mahogany furniture, which is how to use walnut oil. Because of the high quality of redwood, exquisite traditional craftsmanship, and the surface coating is mainly wax and natural lacquer, it should be maintained with natural oil, walnut oil.

Walnut oil is a good curing agent, made from walnut kernels, with a hint of fragrance. Because it contains no chemical ingredients, it is a natural environment-friendly grease. At the same time it is a kind of dry oil. It rubs on hardwood furniture and is dried to form a protective film. It can reduce the intrusion of moist air in the atmosphere and prevent furniture from cracking. . The season of conservation with walnut oil is best chosen in the early spring and early autumn, because it is easy to leave sweat on the furniture surface in the summer, especially the tables and chairs are easily damaged (when the winter is dry and dust is more, it is easy to form dirt. Walnut oil rag wipe the furniture surface, must be appropriate, the oil rub too much, the wood is difficult to absorb the time, the oil that stays on the surface is not absorbed is easy to stick with dust.In addition, when cleaning the furniture surface, it is best to first Use a feather duster or a soft brush to remove the dust from the furniture surface and wipe it off with a dry rag.Do not rub it with a damp cloth, because the moisture in the wet cloth mixed with the lime sand in the air will form granules, and once rubbed, It is easy to damage the furniture surface. If the surface of mahogany furniture is stained, a small amount of water can be drawn.

Why walnut oil? For traditional furniture, walnut oil is a good curing agent, and people started using it to maintain furniture. Walnut oil is processed from walnut kernels, with a touch of fragrance, because it does not contain chemical components, it is a natural environment-friendly type. At the same time, it is a kind of dry oil. It is rubbed on hardwood furniture and dried to form a protective film. , It can prevent the wood from cracking, protect the wood, and the color will not yellow, play a role in improving the color, make the furniture look bright and fresh, giving people visual and olfactory enjoyment. When using walnut oil to maintain furniture, you need to treat it differently. First of all, walnut oil is only suitable for traditional furniture that is not painted. Secondly, for the traditional furniture that is often used, it should be wiped with a proper amount of walnut oil once a month to keep the surface smooth and moderately bright. For infrequently used furniture, it usually takes two to three months to rub it again, and you can rub more walnut oil. After a day or two, the walnut oil penetrated into the wood and wiped again, achieving better conservation results. Rubbing the traditional furniture with walnut oil with the color-raising function, the more the number of rubbing, the brighter the color of the furniture, the more it can show the classical charm of traditional furniture. In fact, the wiping method is very simple. Use a clean, soft cotton cloth or a soft-bristle brush to pick up some walnut oil. The ancients maintained mahogany furniture, and they were first wiped with cloth wrapped in walnut kernels. Later, in order to facilitate the use of special walnut oil. Because walnut oil itself has great oiliness and belongs to dry oil, it can be dried on mahogany furniture and dried to form a protective film. It not only prevents the cracking of wood, but also adds oiliness, making the furniture look bright and fresh. Can also give off a subtle aroma. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, walnut oil has the function of “warming up kidney and lung, setting asthma and resolving phlegm”, and is natural and harmless, which is beneficial to maintaining indoor air quality and creating a warm home atmosphere. When mahogany furniture is used for maintenance, everyone must pay attention: walnut oil is only suitable for furniture that is not painted and treated with waxing. The frequency of use should not be too high, under normal circumstances, 2-3 months can be a time, in a relatively dry environment can properly shorten the maintenance interval, a month or so maintenance. For newly-made or unpasted furniture, you can rub more for the first time. After a day or two, allow the oil to penetrate into the wood as much as possible, then wipe off the excess oil, and the maintenance effect will be very good. it is good. Normal maintenance can be appropriate, if the time allowed to wipe twice in a row, an interval of about one hour can be, with excellent results.