Low carbon environmental protection leads the office furniture industry to develop new trends

- Apr 21, 2018-

Low-carbon environmental protection is based on real innovation

With the advent of low-carbon environmental protection era, the office furniture industry must carry out product and business management innovation through more channels to adapt to the future trends of industrial development. Looking at the development process of the office furniture industry, it is also trying hard to carry out innovation and the cutting edge of fashion. However, these innovations are basically embodied in style design, style modeling, and did not really integrate the elements of the times. Therefore, in the era of low-carbon environmental protection, office furniture can try to innovate raw materials and integrate multiple materials, such as solid wood and metal, plastic, glass, and fiber, to reduce the cutting cycle of solid wood materials and expand the green area. The process can try to innovate and improve the processing efficiency and per capita output value by increasing the technological content of processing equipment. This can reduce the production cycle and save energy consumption, so as to achieve a low carbon life goal.

Raw materials, manufacturing processes to achieve the core of low carbon

What is low-carbon? Jane is the energy savings. The low carbon source of the office furniture industry is its raw material. Due to the current lack of deep processing and extensive management of the office furniture industry, the productivity benefits cannot be improved. Therefore, office furniture companies must carry out deep processing of raw materials, improve production processes, and turn extensive management methods into intensive management methods. Therefore, the low-carbon era of the office furniture industry will be just around the corner.

Formaldehyde The biggest threat to the environmental protection of office furniture

Today, the environmental issues of office furniture products are mainly concentrated on formaldehyde. According to a report on carcinogenic substances issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services QA Department and the Public Health Bureau, formaldehyde is included in a class of carcinogenic substances. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has also raised formaldehyde to the first type of carcinogen in 2004. There is enough evidence to prove that formaldehyde causes nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal cancer and sinus cancer in humans, and there is evidence that formaldehyde can cause leukemia. Therefore, the problem of formaldehyde in office furniture products makes consumers nervous about their own health protection. The material of a healthy office furniture should be a kind of environmental protection material, with the characteristics of natural degradation, no pollution to the environment and recycling, is a new type of green, energy-saving, environmental protection, high-tech materials. From the selection of raw materials for office furniture to the improvement of processing technology, to the production system management and other links, we must be in place.

For office furniture companies, the low-carbon economy is a double-edged sword. If it is done well, the market is profitable; if it is not done well, it can only damage its own business. Therefore, office furniture companies only start from their own, and constantly improve the environmental performance of their products in order to win the fierce competition in the future.