Lazy sofa experience

- Dec 28, 2017-

Buy any couch to sit, when sitting, to grasp the appropriate soft, too soft must be vigilant. Too soft sofa, the quality is not necessarily a problem, but "sense of falling" makes it easy to become "sofa potatoes."

The easiest way to judge whether a sofa is good or not is to sit still for a while. If you have only moved three times within an hour, this is a good sofa. You can feel the strong supportiveness of a good sofa when you sit down and hardly feel the sofa. Good general zipper on the bottom of the sofa, allowing you to pull open the check spring and filler; good sofa sitting in various positions are comfortable, sitting cross-legged it will be deep; ordinary sit it will be moderate hardness; good sofa will be more serious , But the leather sofa is usually heavier than the cloth sofa; good sofa spring will be noise-reduced.

Furniture brand

Lazy sofa is selling new furniture, we are still discussing how to determine the product, this time, the choice of furniture brand or in accordance with the previous purchase experience to book. A good word of mouth lazy couch should be considered priority.