Lazy sofa experience

- Dec 28, 2017-

If the sewing is a fixed cloth, sofa sets can not be removed down to clean, you can only vacuum to clean. In light stains, it is recommended to use a textile cleaner or wipe sponge wet.

Avoid close to high temperatures, the surface has angular place. The filler material is a plastic product that is flammable and can be fatally damaged if it is scratched by cutlery.

Lazy sofa color can be bright and stylish, you can also mature and stable vintage. Decorate your little home, so you can easily create a warm space of their own. It is very light, put it on the balcony, you can lay the sun, time, leisurely reading or turning the magazine; move it to the room in front of the TV can be the same as the Queen, control the remote control Or listen to the CD; if you do not want to use it, that easy to handle, just find a corner to put it a go and you're done.