Ktv sofa size

- May 24, 2018-

Ktv sofa is a kind of engineering sofa, ktv sofa size is generally not fixed, with the actual size of the style and ktv rooms area. Therefore, before customizing the ktv sofa, we must go to the scene to measure the size. However, the simple ktv sofa still has a regular size.

   Under normal circumstances, the handrails of ktv sofas are generally 560-600mm high, seat height: 350-420mm, back height: 700-900mm, length single-person position 800-950mm, double-digit position 1260-1500mm, three-person position 1750-1960mm. It should be noted that the length is in addition to the single, double, and three digits, and other lengths are based on the proportion of the area used in the ktv suite.

   Of course, not only ktv sofa in the ktv area can be used in accordance with the size of the use of a set of grades of ktv sofa even more ktv private room icing on the cake. There are generally ktv sofas of European, American and classical type, but the ktv sofa covers an area larger than the average one. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the size of the private rooms during the purchase. of.