Ktv sofa related knowledge

- May 28, 2018-

The KTV sofa must make a clear three-point transition on the shelf to make a high-back KTV sofa. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the position of the support point when KTV sofa covers and other processes are performed, giving the user a sense of discomfort. When buying a high-back KTV sofa, pay attention to whether the composition of the three supporting points on the back is reasonable and appropriate. The high-back KTV sofa is evolved from a reclining chair to improve the rest performance, and can also be equipped with a footrest. Before the KTV sofa is placed, the height can be the same as the front-end height of the KTV sofa seat.

The role of KTV is not the same as it is different. KTV sofa has three kinds of structure - namely high back KTV sofa, ordinary KTV sofa and low back KTV sofa.

A support point is used to support the user's waist (ie, lumbar vertebrae). The KTV sofa (www.021sofa.com) has a lower backrest height, and the low-back KTV sofa belongs to a rest-type lightweight chair. Generally about 370mm away from the seat, the backrest angle is also smaller, not only conducive to rest, but also makes the entire KTV sofa moves more convenient, lightweight, and covers a small area.

    Most of the KTV sofas sold on the market. There are generally two supporting points supporting the lumbar spine, and the ordinary KTV sofa is the most common one. Get curved surfaces that match the back of your body. The angle between the KTV sofa backrest and the seat surface is very critical. If the angle between the backrest and the seat surface of the KTV sofa is too large or too small, the abdominal muscles of the user will be strained and fatigue will occur.