Knowledge related to ash

- Sep 27, 2018-

Strong pressure resistance: ash wood has a smooth surface and high wood density. The texture of ash is very uniform and rough. This texture has a good effect on compressive strength. Therefore, ash is made on furniture such as sofas. Good material. Ash wood furniture has high gloss, wood grain staggered but very neat, ash wood furniture is very durable, very suitable for collection and home display.

Advantages of ash wood furniture


Easy to process: Ash itself has a very high pressure resistance, but it is not difficult to machine. When making furniture from ash wood, it is very easy to carry out cutting and polishing processes, and there is no such thing as burrs caused by bad wood, so the quality of the produced products is also on a grade. The processing properties of ash are very good. Whether it is screw fixing or nail fixing, the occlusion of ash is very good. Ash has a good coloring ability, and ash wood furniture can be dyed and polished to obtain a good surface. This is one of the reasons why ash can be the main raw material for high-end furniture. Ashwood is similar to European eucalyptus. The color of the heartwood varies from light brown to dark brown. It can be used to make luxury furniture, mouldings, fine woodwork, sports equipment, tool handles and other furniture.


Anti-corrosion and moisture-proof: The life of ash furniture is very long. Because ash has very good anti-corrosion ability, even in the humid environment such as the bathroom, its life is much longer than ordinary wood furniture. Another characteristic of ash wood is that its core wood has good resistance to penetration, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by the corrosion of the wood core.

The air dry density is 0.60~0.72g/cm3. This wood is usually straight and has a rough, even texture. Good processing performance, can be fixed with nails, screws and glue, and can be dyed and polished to obtain a good surface. Applicable to American high-end furniture, flooring, solid wood coat rack, architectural interior decoration, etc. Tough and elastic, it is milky white or pink with pink. It is easy to process and is easily bent by steam. The appearance of ash is similar to that of European eucalyptus, and the heartwood varies from light brown to dark brown. The wood grain is obvious and coarse. Use high-grade furniture, flooring, decorative lines, fine wood products, sports equipment, tool handles, etc. European ash wood is of high quality, durable, elastic and beautiful. It is a heartwood species with a slight yellowish sapwood and a light brown heartwood. The heartwood gradually transitions to the board. All conduit walls are thick and wood parenchyma surrounds the small conduit. The wood ray is fine and the number is large, and the ring hole material is light yellow. Due to the lighter texture of the wood, the furniture produced is also lighter.

Ash furniture advantages


Ash is mainly grown in North America and parts of Europe in Russia. It is naturally resistant to decay and is easy to cut and process. It is also a major material for American high-end furniture. The price of ash furniture on the market is still relatively high, which is also because of some of the high quality characteristics of ash. The overall appearance of the ash wood furniture is beautiful and has a high gloss, which can see neatly interlaced wood grain on the panel. The panel texture is clear and natural. Because of the high density of ash, the smoothness of the surface is also very good, the strength and hardness are also very high, so the furniture of the material is very good, suitable for furniture materials and ornaments.


Ash wood furniture shortcomings


At present, most of the raw materials for ash furniture production in China are imported, and the price is much higher. This is also because of the impact of the growing environment of ash, which is harsh on the environment, and only a small amount of growth in the country can not meet the domestic demand for ash. The drying performance of ash wood materials is relatively poor, and the maintenance needs to be more stressful. If it is improperly maintained, it is prone to cracking and other problems, which will affect normal use and will greatly reduce the aesthetics. The production process of ash wood furniture is also very difficult, and the process of production requires extremely exquisite craftsmanship.