Knowledge of sofas and curtains

- Jun 11, 2018-

Many people in the family living room are confused about the mix of living room drapery. In fact, nothing more than the color coordination of curtains, sofas, pillows, we recommend 6 kinds of fresh and pleasant fashion living room color matching program, let us listen to the curtain and the sofa space dialogue.

Dialogue One: Skilled Gray VS Fresh Dandelion Gray has always given people the feeling of capable atmosphere, with a simple fresh dandelion, giving a fresh feeling. The flying dandelion reminds us of our childhood memories. Comments: Gray is the color of the earth, but also the color commonly used in modern architecture. It is calm, but it is too tough. It has no vitality. We use dandelion pattern fabrics to dampen this color and inject fresh and upward vitality into this piece. Grey world.

Conversation 2: elegant beige VS birdish flowers Elegant beige sofa with a soft yellow fabric curtain, complemented by Southeast Asian style patterns, highlighting the mix and match fashion, as if the bird's tail feather pattern, elegant tender yellow and lavender. The curtain pattern makes people feel like being in the plant kingdom of Southeast Asia. Comments: beige European sofa has a distinguished feeling, but the stylish living room also needs more gentle and kind approachable, so bright yellow and light purple joined in the formation of a gentle and mysterious and elegant and chic living room space.

Dialogue Three: Pure White VS Bright Red Green The simple space decorated with pure white sofas, with the curtains of fashion and beautiful flower patterns, adds a stylish atmosphere. The pattern of the red armchair, like an abstract flower, complements the floral pattern of the curtains. Comments: White is the fashion carrier, is the most tolerant of colors, only with the excitement of white and red and green, in order to settling the taste of fashion, where the red and green with a quiet and gentle look, no faint feeling Instead, the monotonous white sofas and white walls set off more lively.

Dialogue Four: Jade Bird VS Ink Rose The elegant blue-green sofa is encrusted with the pattern of the blue bird. The ink rose is opened all over the window. The green and black colors, which were not coordinated, were coordinated because of the echo of birds and flowers. Comments: With the fortune of good fortune Jade Bird pattern against the background of the green-green sofa, and then echo with the roses blossoming, two materials of similar material make the pattern of flowers and birds blend with each other, the original not very appropriate color The right combination can be achieved.

Dialogue Five: Beige VS Light Green Beige double sofa, with a light green flax curtain, lining out the elegant feeling. Only when we get closer, we can see that the lake center of the curtain is green, pale green, light yellow, stripes, checkered and other pillows, but also can match. Comments: The white to the extreme, perhaps do not need to use any color match, let the light of the natural glow through the touch of clear lake, to set off the purity and beauty of space. The feeling of freshness and cleanliness comes from these white and light greens.

Dialogue VI: sky blue VS flowers blossoming sky blue garden sofa decorated with bright flowers, with yellow-white flowers-based curtains, even more beautiful. White flower-based curtains are also adorned with white pompoms, flowers blossoming pillows, making people feel the pastoral style pleasant atmosphere. Comments: The rustic living room not only has a touch of peace but also a beautiful, sky-blue background with colorful flowers, just to make these two qualities all highlighted. The idyllic stylish living room is just such a natural expression.