Knowledge Of Rubber Wood Furniture

- Feb 02, 2018-

     In recent years , rubber wood furniture has been the leader in themarket because of its high cost performence , and loved by many people . As is known to all of us , rubber wood furniture is made of rubber wood . Rubber wood is a kind of plant grow in subtropics like South Asia , so some people call them Thai oak or South Asia oak  . 

      Speaking of rubber , one would ask : are roober wood furniture poisonous ? 

       Rubber wood basically do not contain chemical composition after special processing. So rubber wood furniture is not poisonous. The rubber wood  after anticorrosion and drying processing , because of the elegent color, beautiful texture, fine structure and good processing performance , are favored by businessmen and introduced into furniture manufacturing and residential decoration in large quantities.  As rubber wood is more and more widely used , they has been treated as  wood , a new high-grade board specie in artificial board Therefore, as long as handled properly, rubber wood furniture is not poisonous!

      There are some bad traders in the market selling the rubber wood  as oak, which requires consumers to be vigilant and do their homework in advance. Today we're not going to talk about oak, but mainly about the advantages of rubber wood.

      Rubber wood is rubber tree in Southeast from which the rubber farmers get gum , which can be used to make building materials and furniture .  Asia. The growth cycle is not long, they can be sawn trees in ten years . 

       2.This kind of wood does not crack easily in dry areas in the north

       3. Rubber wood is very malleable in the process of making furniture, so it can be suitable for making beautiful and curvy products.

       4. The rubber wood solid wood texture is beautiful and even.

       5. Light color, easy to stain, can accept all kinds of color of dyeing and paint, easy to match with other wood color tone, good paint coating performance .

       6. Good hardness, natural high strength wear resistance, especially suitable for stair, floor, table, table, etc.

        Rubber wood furniture is of good quality, clear texture, beautiful appearance and high value. Nowadays, rubber wood furniture is widely adopted in Japan, Europe and North America, and has gone to the international road.