International development of electric foot bath sofa

- Jun 05, 2018-

The world electric footbath sofa market is a huge market. The electric footbath sofa market in developed countries shows a great degree of openness, and the global electric footbath sofa industry has accelerated the internationalization process. Overall, ( world electric footbath sofa Both the scale of production and the size of the market are constantly expanding. The import and export trade of electric footbath sofas between various countries and regions in the world is very active. Among them, the import volume of electric footbath sofas in major developed countries is increasing year by year, and the production and export volume of electric footbath sofas in developing countries are also increasing year by year.

The world import and export pattern of electric footbath sofas has the following characteristics: Italy, China, Canada and Poland are the world’s leading exporters of electric footbath sofas, and the export volume accounts for approximately 32% of the world’s total electric footbath sofas. The United States, the European Union and Japan are The major importers of electric footbath sofas account for 57% of the world's total electric footbath sofas.

With the continuous development of world economic integration, at present and for a long historical period in the future, the production of electric footbath sofas has shifted from developed countries to developing countries, providing a very strong, rapid and healthy development for the electric foot bath sofa industry in China. With rare historical opportunities, China's electric footbath sofa industry will still have more room for development.

In the world market of electric footbath sofas, China's electric footbath sofa products are faced with competition from developed countries such as Italy, Germany, and Canada. Compared with these countries, China's electric foot bath sofa still has a big gap in product design, product quality, etc. However, China's electric foot bath sofa products still have obvious advantages in terms of price.

China's electric footbath sofa may face more competition in the international market from developing countries such as Poland, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico. These countries not only have good forest resources, but also have low-cost labor resources like ours. In the market competition of global electric footbath sofas, these countries will become China's electric footbath sofa industry through the introduction of foreign capital and self-development accumulation. Strong competitors.