Inflatable sofa knowledge

- Aug 09, 2018-

Inflatable sofa is a new generation of sofa products. In many people's opinion, this kind of sofa must be very easy to break. In fact, the quality is better, and the normal use is not the problem. So, is the inflatable sofa easy to use? I believe many people want to know this question. Secondly, does the inflatable sofa need maintenance?

Is the inflatable sofa easy to use?

Advantages of inflatable sofa

1. The inflatable sofa is easy to carry, free from the bulkiness of traditional furniture, and can be placed indoors and outdoors. The inflatable sofa is vented and compact, and the collection is easy to carry, both trendy and comfortable.

2. Inflatable sofas are uniquely designed, colorful, crystal clear, singular, and uniquely styled lazy inflatable sofas are popular with trendy families.

3. Inflatable sofa row airbag three-dimensional liner. It can actively adjust the supporting force according to the pressure of different parts of the body, and feel the care of being considerate. The inflatable sofa can give you the most healthy sleep experience, and the adjustable softness and hardness of the inflatable sofa fully meets the standards of the ISPA International Bedding Organization.

4. The inflatable sofa also has a well-designed internal flat flow ventilation slot. The lazy inflatable sofa has carefully designed the flat flow ventilation system between the inner layer fabric and the air bladder, which not only completely maintains the appearance and support capacity of the seat cushion, but also abandons the wetness and heat problem caused by poor ventilation of the traditional seat cushion or up and down ventilation. , play a very good health and disease prevention effect.

Disadvantages of inflatable sofas

Since the inflatable sofa is too soft and has no support feeling, it will make people feel tired after a long time of sitting, and it will be easily deformed after a long time of use. Used as the main furniture in the living room, it is not high-grade and not enough atmosphere.

As can be seen from the above, this kind of inflatable sofa has advantages and disadvantages. In general, Jiuzhen Furniture Network Xiaobian feels that the inflatable sofa is very simple to use. It has a specially designed inflation port, and only needs a special air gun to inject gas. It can be used inside the sofa. Immediately after the injection of gas, the check valve is covered, and the sofa can be evacuated during storage to make the storage volume more compact. It is worth reminding that after flushing the gas, you must remember to press the air in the safe body to protect the air inlet.

Does the inflatable sofa need maintenance?

1. Inflatable products can be inflated by 80%. The burst caused by excessive inflation can not be repaired. Please add some gas in winter and put some gas in summer to keep it in the best condition. When placing the cushion, press the cushion on the four sides to make it slowly enter, do not suddenly, violently press.

2. Don't stand on the sofa or sit on the armrests and backrest. Don't let your sofa get close to the heat or explode in the sun. Don't let your little pet catch or climb the sofa with your claws. Please be careful to avoid hooking the thread out (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not get wet with the stuffing. If it happens accidentally, blow it off quickly (low temperature) with a fan or hair dryer.