How to maintain leather sofa

- Mar 03, 2018-

        Leather sofa , serving as a member of sofa family , capture many consumers' heart with its solemn ,elegant,luxurious and durable characteristic . Next , you will learn how to maintain leather sofa .

         After sitting for a long time, the leather sofa should be gently patted on the part of the force and edge, so as to restore the original shape and reduce the slight depression of mechanical fatigue caused by concentrated force on the sofa.

        When putting the leather sofa, try to keep it away from heat sources.At the same time, leather sofa should be far away from sunlight to prevent leather from crazing and fading because of long exposure to sunlight .

        Leather sofa can be gently wiped with soft cloth that has dipped in distilled water  times a week . In addition , the leather sofa should be maintained with  colorless shoe wax or wax polish once a month . 

        If the leather is stained, use a clean soft cloth to dip in the appropriate amount of mild detergent and gently wipe it, then leave it to dry.