How to maintain hotel furniture

- Jul 05, 2018-

There are many hotels now, the hotel market is very competitive, so in order to be outstanding, furniture and decoration must be special high-class, comfortable, the hotel is also a very large flow of people, so we must pay attention to maintenance, in order to let the hotel adhere to More perfect. Suite furniture price manufacturers describe the maintenance of hotel furniture.

First of all, the floor on which we place the hotel furniture needs to be flat so that the four feet of the hotel furniture can be evenly grounded. If the hotel furniture is still shaking afterwards, it will drop the fasteners of the hotel furniture products. If the floor is not very flat, the hotel furniture can't be placed smoothly, then we can use wooden boards or cushions to place under the four feet of the furniture. When removing the dust on the furniture of the hotel, it is best to use pure cotton knitted cloth. Then use a soft wool brush to clear the dents or the dust in the embossed ornament. The need to pay attention to this is to clean the paint-treated hotel furniture, do not use gasoline or organic solvent scrub, which will damage the paint on the hotel furniture surface It is not to place the hotel furniture in the place where the sun is refracted. It is often illuminated by the sun. Soon after, the hotel furniture will show the fading of the paint film, and the metal fittings of the hotel furniture will also be oxidized and transformed. The wood is simple and simple, directly cut. The life of the hotel furniture. In the summer, we can put down the window cloth of the hotel room, or choose the light-proof Cloth. Keep the humidity in the hotel room, don't let the hotel furniture get wet, let alone the hotel furniture boring, this is a very important aspect of hotel furniture maintenance. In the spring and autumn, the humidifier should limit the time to avoid the humidity And too large damage to the furniture, for example, will form metal parts rust, wooden furniture smashed, etc.. In the usual finishing of hotel furniture should try to reduce water, but also remember to use alkaline water.