How to maintain hardwood furniture

- Jun 23, 2018-

The maintenance method has the following points:

1. Hardwood homes now have two types. Traditional hardwood furniture is generally not painted on the outside and only hot wax. The newly produced hardwood furniture now has a large lacquer or varnish finish.

2. There is water in the hardwood, hardwood furniture will be shortened when the air humidity is too low, and it will swell when it is too high. Fuzhou custom-made furniture manufacturers generally have hard-to-rise furniture when they produce hardwood furniture, but when using them, they should pay attention to it. Don't put it on a local area that is too moist or too boring, such as hot and hot places near stove heaters, or local bases such as wet basements. Prevent moldy and dry cracks.

3. If the house is in a low-lying house, wet the floor with furniture legs properly, otherwise the legs will be easily corroded by moisture.

4. Handle or move the furniture lightly and gently. Do not hard-draw the hard files to prevent damage to the structure. Fuzhou custom furniture manufacturers table and chair class can not be lifted, a simple drop, should be lifted from the table two chairs and chairs, the cabinet is best to remove the door and then lift, to reduce weight, together with the door to prevent activities. If you need to move a particularly heavy piece of furniture, use a soft rope to set it under the furniture chassis and lift it up.

5. The appearance of the furniture prevents heavy objects that are placed for a long time, especially televisions, fish tanks, etc., which can cause furniture deformation.