How to maintain for leather sofa

- Jun 11, 2018-

Many homes use leather sofas, but leather sofas are not cleaned or maintained for a long time (especially white or beige

Leather sofa), not comfortable, lost and feel sorry for their own cleaning and can not be thoroughly cleaned, it is best to ask a professional sofa cleaning company to clean.

Leather sofa cleaning should pay attention to the problem:

(1) For leather sofas with only slight dirt, you can use “Lixin Furniture Maintenance Wax” to directly clean and care. Do not use tap water to scrub the leather sofa. A long time will make the leather hard and lose the soft feeling.

(2) The leather sofa with serious pollution has lost the original luster of the leather sofa. The dirt has penetrated into the pores of the leather. If you want to clean these dirt, you need to use special steam cleaners and cleaning agents, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the cleaning effect.

(3) Some sofas may be due to product quality problems. The sofa skin may fade or harden. Before starting cleaning, you should do a test inconspicuously to see if the leather is faded. If faded, you must inform the owner or use other things. Method, do not use cleaners, otherwise it may make leather leg color or harden the cortex, be sure to use professional leather cleaning agent, many cleaning agents are harmful to the dermis, the need for on-site use.

(4) After the leather sofa is cleaned, it should be given a protective layer on the sofa, which is usually called glazing. Prevents re-infiltration of dirt into the cortical pores causing secondary contamination. Protective liquid application leather sofa special liquid wax, can not be cheap to replace the floor wax, or the cortex will become hard and rapid aging, regret.

Leather sofa care

Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of leather sofas only need to do the following two points:

First, after the leather sofa is moved back home, the first thing to do is to apply a protective film on the surface of the sofa with the “New Maintenance Wax” by SC Johnson to prevent dirt and sweat from dripping into the pores of the sofa. Clean it.

Second, the sofa should be cleaned and maintained once a month in winter. Should be maintained once a week in summer. Don't wait for the sofa to be dirty. Dirt can get into the pores of the dermis and be cleaned later, otherwise it will be difficult to clean it. True leather sofas, like human skin, require careful maintenance. Only regular maintenance can make your leather sofa lasting as long as you bring life to enjoy.