How to maintain fabric furnitures

- Jun 22, 2018-

Fabric furniture with its rich colors, beautiful pictures. Comfortable touch, elegant materials, elegant design and beautiful styling make it a popular choice for modern young people. However, fabric furniture is relatively short in terms of life span, and it is also simple and dirty, so daily maintenance is very important. The following Wuhan sofa customization will introduce some of the key to how to maintain the knowledge of fabric furniture:

1. The degree of elasticity of the fabric determines the comfort degree of the fabric furniture. The long-term sunlight will not only reduce the elasticity of the fabric, but also cause the color to fade easily. Therefore, the fabric furniture should be prevented from being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. It is best to place it away from the sun, or to use a translucent veil to separate sunlight. To extend the life of fabric furniture.

2. Fabric furniture is simple and dirty, especially the armrests and cushions of furniture. Dirty, furniture towels or large towels that should be laid on top.

3. Cloth furniture is simple and dusty, and you should always pay attention to dust removal. It can be beaten with a dry towel. It is possible to vacuum the cloth furniture once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust between fabric structures. Handrails, backrests and crevices also need to be taken into consideration. It is possible to use vacuum cleaners with a large number of scrolling views and the suction heads can replace the size of the vacuum cleaners in order to remove dirt and foreign materials from the crevices.

4. The simple deformation of the cloth art furniture should prevent the old seated in the same place for a long time to prevent the furniture mat from deformation and wear. The furniture pad is flipped once a week to even out the wear. The mat can also be often beaten in the field to loosen the sponge structure and remove surface dust.

5. If you find a loose end of the thread, do not cut it by hand, use scissors to cut it evenly.

6. If the fabric furniture is stained, wipe it with a clean cloth or a few alcohol. To prevent imprinting, it is best to wipe out from the outside of the stain. Velvet furniture should not be drowning and dry cleaning agents should be used.

7. Use cloth cleaners to clean cloth furniture once a year, but afterwards it is necessary to thoroughly wash off the cleaners, otherwise it will be more susceptible to dirt. Sheathed fabric furniture can generally be cleaned.