How to maintain a fabric sofa

- Mar 30, 2018-

Nowadays, in the life, the family can't afford a sofa, but it is always the first choice for people who are more comfortable and more beautiful. This is how we should maintain our products. Let's take a look.

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1.In your daily life, pay attention to your own hygiene. When you don't have dust or dirt on your body, just lay on the sofa and always care more.

2.When there is dust, you can use a dry towel to beat. If there is time, at least once a week, every corner of the fabric sofa should be cleaned, like armrests, cushions, backrests, etc.

3.When cleaning, remember that the velvet furniture can not be washed with dry cleaning agent, if you find the cable head, then do not always pull, with scissors at the outlet can be cut short.

Sofa Sleeper Multiple Colors (2).JPG

After reading the above introduction, everyone should have an understanding of how to maintain the sofa made by JK/HaoJun sofa and chair manufacturer. Everyone should pay attention in the future.