How to identify true and false leather sofa

- May 21, 2018-

Want to buy a leather sofa, how to identify true and false, is one of the topics most concerned by the early buyers. There is no big difference between the leather sofas on the market, but the prices are far from one another. I believe most consumers will feel deeply touched. Due to the constant progress of the craft, some artificial leather work is almost exactly the same as that of the full cowhide, and basically there is no difference with the naked eye. How to identify the genuine leather sofa? Xuanyi sofa has arranged several ways to identify the authenticity of leather sofas. There are two kinds of leather sofas, one is full cowhide (ie, the first layer of leather), and the other is half leather (ie, two layers of leather). Although they are all called the first layer of skin, their prices are still very different. The following four points will help you when choosing a leather sofa.

The first measure: smell 

  The higher the grade, the higher the environmental factor. Because of its natural nature, few chemicals are used in the finished product, so the odor is relatively gentle. The smell of the second layer of skin will be relatively sultry, and the first layer of yellow leather made in China has a faint odor. The imported top layer of yellow leather has no peculiar smell, and only the skin material itself has fragrance.

The second measure: see the color

The first layer of skin material has a larger width, a diameter of more than 3m, and the skin is well-proportioned with no bruises or cuts; the second skin has a skin diameter of about 2m to 2.5m, and the skin has many bruises.

The third measure: tear resistance

According to the relevant requirements, the tear resistance of leather leather must be 40 kg/cm2. Specifically, the second layer of skin cuts a small mouth about a centimeter, adults can easily tear; the first layer of yellow leather cut the same size of the small mouth, men need to spend a lot of strength to tear.

The fourth measure: test fade

The staining of the second skin is uneven and it is easy to lose color. Repeatedly wiping leather with alcohol cotton 20 times, the first layer of skin will not fall color, leather color, back color and cross-section color are the same; second skin will appear fade, and the back of the color and cross-section color white.

   The leather sofa uses the first layer of yellow leather or the second layer of leather. The difference in feel and quality is very large, and the cost is more like an underground and an underground. In the collection of colorful sofas, leather sofas and pseudo-leather sofas coexist, good leather sofas and secondary leather sofas are in the same place. It is hoped that the unscrupulous merchants will find their conscience and tell you practically and realistically to inform you of the specific cortex.