How to identify the leather, bonded leather and faux leather

- Jul 06, 2018-

How to identify the leather, bonded leather and faux leather


The leather is generally caused by cowhide, which is divided into imported leather and domestic leather. The leather is processed from yellow cowhide. According to its physiological point of view, it has considerable strength due to its small woven fiber bundle in the dermis. Breathability; the natural characteristics of cowhide are warm in winter and cool in summer. It is suitable for any climate use. At the same time, it has the characteristics of good hand feeling, strong gas permeability, anti-static wear resistance, etc. Therefore, the real cowhide is only naturally bleached, so the pore density is poor and breathable. High degree, soft and comfortable feeling.



The bonded leather and faux leather are imitation leather, that is, artificial leather, which looks smooth and beautiful, and feels good. Compared with cowhide, the main differences are: A. The temperature in winter is low, the surface hardening is uneven, that is, the leather has no such defect. . B. Due to the surface filming, the air permeability is poor, and it is easy to form sweat on the back and buttocks in summer. C, easy to fade, the surface film and leather used for a certain period of time, will fall off, defect at a glance.



Method for distinguishing cowhide, bonded leather and faux leather


Touch: that is, touch the surface of the leather with your hand. If it is smooth, soft, full, and elastic, it is the leather. Generally, the artificial and synthetic leather is bun, rigid, and soft.


Look: the surface of the leather has clear pores and patterns. The yellow cowhide has fine pores. The yak has thick and sparse pores. The goatskin has fishy scale pores.


Sniffing: All leather has a leather smell; artificial leather has a strong plastic smell.


Burning: A little bit of fiber is peeled off from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After igniting, the scent of scent and the formation of sputum are artificial leather; the leather that emits hair odor and does not knot hard is dermis.


Buckle: Use the nail to sued, if the reply is fast and there is no trace.