How to identify inferior office furniture

- Jun 27, 2018-

Price bait is easy to move

When purchasing furniture, you will experience the look and feel of the style of the furniture, but the price is very different.

In fact, there are a lot of jerry-building materials used in the production of office furniture.

Use inferior plates

Desks use boards that are not fumigated and insect-proof. Such furniture has extremely high moisture content and can easily cause deformation or cracking or mildew in the furniture after a period of use. The executive desk made of wood made of insects will have internal emptiness and will be broken or rugged with a little effort.

Material cohabitation

Due to the fact that the artificial panel furniture uses veneer paint or stickers, the core material of the furniture is the key position for the manufacturer to replace the material, although the appearance of the parts of the furniture cabinet is the same. For example, environmental melamine boards are used in the front cabinets and doors of office filing cabinets, while pungent poor quality non-compliant boards are used for the backboards.

Production process cutting corners

Since the wood-based panels used in panel furniture are all plywood and are prone to water absorption, their waterproof properties must be treated by veneers and PVC edgebands. In order to save the process and cost, some manufacturers do not seal the joints that cannot be seen inside the furniture, causing the furniture to be exposed to moisture or breakage. At the same time, formaldehyde is open and harmful to the human body.

Hardware is replaced

Poor and cheap hardware

The glass cabinet door of the file cabinet has no pressure bar, and it is simply positioned with nails. This practice of cutting corners can easily result in the breakage of glass doors.