How to easily identify latex mattresses

- Apr 06, 2018-

As one of the synonymous with high-end cooking utensils, latex mattresses have gradually entered the field of vision in recent years. The natural latex mattresses are rubber sap collected from rubber trees and are used for high-tech equipment combined with Dunlop process and Tratley process to perform moulding, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, washing and drying. Various processes, such as molding and packaging, are used to produce modern green bedding with a variety of excellent properties suitable for high quality and healthy sleep of the human body. Nowadays, the price of natural latex mattresses in the market is expensive, and the big brands are frequently used in tens of thousands. Although the price of domestically produced synthetic latex mattresses is relatively cheap, the quality is uneven. Therefore, how to identify the merits of latex mattresses through several convenient means has become a compulsory course for consumers.


The surface of the natural latex mattress is matt and not very bright. The surface of the mattress is wrinkled and has pore marks. Since the latex mattresses are all produced under sealed conditions and are not exposed to oxygen, the mattresses will retain tens of thousands of pores after molding, which greatly increases the air permeability of latex mattresses. On the contrary, the poor quality chemical or mattress made of synthetic latex has a brighter surface, a smoother, a tighter feeling, no pores or few pores, and each line and protruding point is full and looks like. Perfect.


Natural latex mattresses have a faint scent that smells of natural resin, a bit like milk. Generally, a new mattress will buy home for about a week, and the taste will naturally evaporate. Conversely, a poor quality chemical or synthetic latex mattress may itself have a more pungent chemical smell. Some manufacturers add aromatics to the manufacturing process in order to mask the unpleasant chemical odor, but as long as we carefully smell it, it is still easy to distinguish.


The natural latex mattress feels a bit rough, but it is soft and comfortable. Because the natural latex is made from rubber tree juice and molded by evaporative molding, it has a lot of pores, so it has good air permeability and elasticity. On the other hand, fake and sturdy latex mattresses will feel too smooth but not textured, and they will feel very hand-feeling, not soft, relatively elastic, and tight.

4.Lie down

Since the mattress was bought for sleep, it was natural to lie down to try it and feel it. Natural latex mattresses are generally designed according to the human body's seven districts and will fit human body curves as much as possible. After sleeping, the gaps in the waist, neck, calf, etc. will be well supported and will not be overwhelmed by oppression. The texture of the latex is soft and elastic, and it is distinct from the spring mattress and the sponge mattress. This elastic deformation is natural recovery, neither as the spring quickly rebounds nor is it as slow as the memory sponge. On the contrary, poor quality latex mattresses will vary greatly in overall comfort.