How to distinguish sofas from teahouses

- Jun 02, 2018-

Tea Room Sofas are furniture used in hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants as a place to rest and dine. It is generally composed of a card seat sofa, a soft pack sofa, a dining table and the like. It is very important to identify whether the sofas in tea restaurants are good or bad. The following will introduce several methods for everyone:

First, the tea room sofa is mainly composed of shelves, sponges, leather, cloth. This you have to understand, as long as it is to identify these few things.

Second, the shelf is generally invisible, that is, one can see that the manufacturer has done something specifically and is not credible. You can use your hand to move the sofa in the cafe and feel the weight of the sofa in the cafe. Generally, the firm shelf will be heavy.

Third, sponges are divided by density. Generally good sponge density is high unless specially made. You can sit and sit and feel comfortable. When you leave, the sponge will slowly bounce back. Pressing it with your hand will feel very elastic. Another situation is not easy to identify, is the manufacturer added a spring in the sponge, so that is not good sponge elasticity will be very good, and now this situation is still a lot. If the sponge does not bounce slowly, but it bounces quickly, and the middle of the sponge cushion is obviously high, it must have been a spring. The quality of such sponge cushions is not good.

Fourth, leather you look at the surface is difficult to tell the good and bad. The leather of a tea restaurant sofa is generally thick and has a certain degree of softness. You can also look at the opposite side of the leather. Generally, you can see the edge of the underside of the sofa in the tea restaurant. If the back is fluffy, and it is soft and feels well, the quality of the leather can also be good. This is also one aspect.

Fifth, cloth does not fade, and there is no difference between equal colors. It is quite thick and feels good. That's it.