How to distinguish between European and American homes

- Aug 02, 2018-

The core of American is the close relatives of nature, not to stick to some form, but to learn from the attitude of Americans towards life. An old-style chest of drawers is placed with the master crafts or artworks of the master, through which the owner is displayed. The past, present and future are the essence of American style.

Americans show the extravagance in the bones, and it is not a simple natural color to simplify the simple form of European expression.

The European style is also very diverse, most of which are mainly retro and gorgeous, belonging to the middle and high-end decoration category.

It mainly refers to representatives from several different periods in Europe. Whether it is the popular Renaissance, Baroque or Rococo, it is an external form of European expression, which cannot fully demonstrate its charm.

The core of the European style is not only the luxurious atmosphere displayed by the surface of the gold-plated silver, but also pays more attention to the return of people's inner soul through the classical elements of Europe.

In addition to the quotation of the styling, the color matching has more effective functions, so it is necessary to combine the master's experience, the spatial pattern, the color proportion distribution and the material selection.

European decoration: generous, luxurious, mostly decorated with dark colors, supplemented by light colors, it is very luxurious and heavy.

American decoration: home free, simple, nostalgic, practical and comfortable; dark brown, earthy yellow-based natural color; furniture is large, practical and comfortable; focus on the fireplace and hand-decorated, the pursuit of rough atmosphere, natural and random.

Moreover, the European style is rigorous and extravagant, while the American style is partial to the pastoral.