How to choose your own American furniture

- Sep 08, 2018-

With the rapid development of the economy, the improvement of economic level, the expansion of living space and the pursuit of higher quality of life, many families have liked American furniture. Whether it is rural leisure style or neo-classical or antique style, many have appeared. There are clusters.

Most of the friends who love American furniture have a high pursuit of the culture, materials, crafts, brand and service of American furniture. How to choose the American furniture that suits them and suits their families?

American Furniture Purchase Guide 1: Style

      No matter which kind of furniture you buy, you must consider the overall decoration style. You must match the color of the wall and the ground. You can listen to the designer's opinions and choose the most suitable furniture according to your own hobbies.

      American furniture itself is relatively large, requiring room size. If the room size is not sufficient, it is recommended to choose improved or customized American furniture to match the actual space usage ratio. In addition, this kind of furniture also has several styles, such as country style, neo-classical style and antique style. It is suitable for different decoration environments, such as antique American furniture. It is large in size and elegant in style. It is used in veneer patterns, engravings and fabric patterns. The sun flower symbolizing the kingship, the complicated mosaic pattern, and so on.

American Furniture Buying Guide 2: Material

      The materials used in good American furniture are very good. Most of them use natural solid wood, such as cherry wood, mahogany, walnut, oak, birch, alder, maple and other high-grade solid wood.

      In the production process, American furniture will use different kinds of rare textures of different woods and different parts, and even the special texture caused by pathological changes in the tree growth period; some very good American furniture will use the wooden heart from the wood and close The lower part of the trunk.

The current American furniture paints are mostly dark red or brown. In order to highlight the texture and value of the furniture material itself, its veneer is treated with a complex sheet to make the texture itself a decoration.

      The sofa is mostly made of fabric or wood frame and fabric. The fabric can be selected to be densely woven with thick latitude and longitude lines. It is more comfortable in texture, and should be carefully selected after selection.

American Furniture Buying Guide 3: Price

      The price of American furniture varies greatly. The difference lies in the size of the brand, the quality of the material, the craft and the after-sales. In particular, the quality of the materials, including the texture of the wood and fabric, and the proportion of the material used, made of pure solid wood. The price of furniture should be high; the performance of craftsmanship is also very important for the quality of furniture. Some American furniture is handmade. The carving skill is very different from the general machine production, and the hand-stitching can increase the furniture more. The added value of art.