How to choose floor color

- Jan 30, 2018-

       The entire decoration style and diea will be the first thing to be considered when choosing the floor color . Deep tonal floors usually have distingctive features , very appealing and expressive .  In recent years ,  some seemed to be defective floors that have branch knot , wormhole , rottenness or crack textures are largely needed . It is the reflection that people value nature and return to the original idea . 

        In the second place , attention should be paid to collocation of floor and furniture . The ground color is supposed to set off the color of furniture and with calm downy main tone . Because ground decoration belongs to permanent decoration so that it won't be changed in general case, and a neuter color is preferred . In tone , light tonal furniture can be combined with deep or light tonal colors . However , you should be careful to mix different deep tonal furniture to invoid create a stifling atmosphere .

JK furniture made in China.jpg

       The daylighting condition of the bedroom also limits the choice range of floor color. There is nothing to say for houses having very good daylighting condition  . For these house that don't have sufficient daylighting , brighter floor is a better choice and  deep tonal materials should be avoided . 

        In addition , color can affect the visual effect of the person , warm color is expansive color and cool color is contractive color . Therefore , small rooms should choose deep tonal cool floor to creat a feeling that the room is expanded . Choosing bright tonal warm color will make the room seem more small , which is stifling . 

        what needs to be reminded is that the effect of a single tile is different from that mant tiles get together . So , it is necessary to put a few tiles together to decide if you will buy .