How to choose children's furniture

- Mar 08, 2018-

        With the opening of China's second child policy, a growing number of second children will be born, and this policy will also lead to the prosperity of the children's furniture market . However , it is a problem that what should be considered when choosing children' furniture . It is a platitude that children's furniture is substandard , so what should be considered when choosing children' furniture . 

        Note 1. Children's furniture brands

        It is always a better choice to choose a formal brand , whose products not only are of high quality , but also have relatively perfect after-sales service . Its products are usually in various styles and be choosed by children' charactersitics to create a world belonging to them . 

       Note 2. furniture board is supposed to be environment-friednly 

       Furniture is one common thing that children can touch in daily life , so it is required to be environment-frienly . There are some kinds of board materials that can be used to make funiture  , such as Solid wood, particleboard, medium density board, large core board and so on . Among them ,  solid wood furniture is the most environment-friendly , so it is best choice to choose solid wood furniture for children . Before buying , you should inspect the environmental protection detection report of furniture board, if the businessman refuses to provide test report, then you are advised not to buy this furniture. You never can be careless when you buy things for children . 

       Note 3. furniture board should be designed to be smooth

        Children are always restless to run around  , then collision occurs from time to time .   In light of this , children's furniture should choose those  without sharp edge and angle  . It is best to  be wrapped with soft objects like rubber strip  so as to avoid collision.

          Note 4.The furniture should not be too high

         It is known that children is very mischievous , they may jump from the table and chair as a kind of amusement .  So children furniture can't be too high, otherwise it is very easy to have accident. Besides, the center of the furniture should be stable, or the children will step on it  to topple  the table or chair easily.

        Note 5.The furniture should not be too high

        It is occasionally seen on TV that children hide in narrow and sealed space and finally caused  suffocatation.This makes many parents worry about their children . So parents had better choose furniture with vents on , so there will not be easily accidents even if children hide in a cabinet. And the other advantage of the furniture with vent in design is environment-friendly , furniture is one of the source of methanol , ventilated furniture can let the taste of methanol or other furniture quickly disperse.

        Above are some aspects that you should consider when you choose children furniture . Bear them in mind to make your children more safe and healthy . 


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