How to choose a tasteful sofa

- Jun 13, 2018-

Choosing a tasteful sofa, but also can not guarantee to move home will be in perfect coordination with other furniture or walls, so before buying a sofa, there are many factors to consider.

For example, if you think about space first and then choose furniture, you should use the color of the space as the main color, and sofas or videos are just embellishments. The whole set of sofas and walls are coordinated colors, and the living room is large, and the whole set of sofas with a little color is chosen. If you want to focus, jump out with a single chair with a special shape and color.

If the furniture is the main character and the space is the same color, the color of the space can be harmonized with the sofa. The red wall can be retro-colored leather sofas, the green wall is suitable for the English-style leather sofa with a button, and the purple wall is a white leather sofa.

In the color matching of the furniture, the coffee table or the side table is made of wood or metal, and the large-sized sofa has a sense of weight, and the light-colored sofa has a dark pillow, and vice versa. Contrast or close colors are acceptable. The emphasis is not to exceed 3 colors to avoid clutter.

The combination of a single color and a similar color system has a sense of coordination, but the space tends to be monotonous and lifeless. The wall and the sofa are the same color or similar colors, you can choose the contrast color pillow to jump color.

For example, the walls are light blue, the sofas are available in dark blue, and the pillows use contrasting oranges or conflicting red or multicolored patterns. It's best to add a pot of green tree pots. Earth color never fails because it comes from nature.