How to choose a office chair

- Jan 24, 2018-

        People sitting in front of computers for a long time may be suffering from pain of neck and waist . So what can we do to reduce the harm to body . We can take some simple activities after working for one or two hours . But we usually forget to  break for a rest while absorbed in work . Therefore , it becomes extremely vital to choose a comfortable chair . 

       When it comes to choosing one thing , there may be some aspects to be considered . As to appearance , just as a Chinese saying goes : Carrot or Chinese cabbage , it is all up to you . In addition , other aspects exist , such as arm and waist support . Let me show you how these parts matters . 

        Waist support can be the most important and technical part for a chair , which must be connected to chair with a mechanical part . Although almost all office chairs have big waist supports  , nothing special can be felt .A good waist support can reduce pressure on your waist  , which will make you sit for a long time without waist pain .  However , only when you sit on the chair can you feel if it is comfortable . 

        Arms can be divided into fixed and adjustable type . Adjustable arms can be adjusted as people's need . Qulified arms really can relieve pressure on shoulders . The seat also matters . A good seat usually is made with mutifunctional plywood and high-density shaping sponge so that it will not sink as time goes . 

       The weight varies from people .Therefore , everyone need different pressures back cushion . While the tilt of the ordinary chairs is fixed, the person with  light weight can not go on ,  heavy person immediately leans to the bottom and tips over the chair . The solution is adapting a kind of adjustable set to make everyone find their own pressure . A neck pillow  Will be a bright spot . It allow you to lean on it when your neck feel sore

       Now you can choose a comfortable chair for you . But , please remember that however comfortalbe the chair is , walking from time to time is always the best way to keep you healthy  .