How to choose a leather sofa

- Jun 15, 2018-

In the sofa industry market, there are many manufacturers in order to win more profit space, while hanging leather sofas selling goods defective sofa. How to distinguish between a leather sofa and a defective sofa? Here are some key points:

First, look at the cortex:

Pigskins, horseskins, donkeyskins, and cowskins can all be made of sofa fabrics, collectively called leather sofas. Cowhide leather is soft, thick and of the highest grade. Horse skin and donkey skin are similar, but the surface of the skin is loose, and it is easy to peel off for a long time and it is not durable. Pig skins are thin but have rough pores.

Second, look wooden:

A set of good sofas, wooden frame must be framed with square pegs, side panels fixed, this structure can ensure that the sofa is not deformed. Inferior sofa is nailed directly to the pine packing board splint, no square wood frame, firm degree low.

Third, look at the sponge:

There are three types of sponge: high elasticity, high elasticity, and soft sponge. The bullet sponge is generally used as a backrest and handrail part, and a high-elasticity and high-elasticity soft sponge is used as a seat part. At present, high-end sofas are made of yellow cattle leather with highly resilient sponges. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use bullet sponges to pose as high elasticity, and even use broken sponges. Such sofas can only lose their elasticity for a maximum of six months. When buying a leather sofa, be sure to shop around to ensure the quality of the product.