How to buy plate furniture

- Jun 07, 2018-

We need to pay attention to three details when purchasing a panel furniture:

First, the same heavier volume or more plastic. Many consumers believe that wood products are natural materials, so they are more environmentally friendly, especially some solid wood furniture, and they are even more respected as environmental protection models. However, this is not the case. Li Yongfeng, general manager of Wolong Teakwood, told reporters: “In fact, many consumers have misunderstood the solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is not pure solid wood, but refers to the main frame of the furniture is pure solid wood, and some auxiliary parts such as drawers, Partitions and other parts, in fact, are made of wood board or composite board, of course, this kind of board will contain a certain amount of glue, and this is also the place where formaldehyde accumulates the most. Because of the existence of these boards, If you choose improperly, solid wood furniture will also have the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde." So solid wood furniture is so, how about the plate furniture with plate as the main body to do a good job of harmful gas treatment? The forest product quality inspection station of Shaanxi Province, Yulin, said: “Under the same conditions, the plates with higher environmental performance must contain less glue. If two plates of the same size, the environmental protection must be guaranteed to use the same species. The relatively large plate grains (because the large grains also represent large contact surfaces and relatively little glue used) and the lighter weight (because it is itself the taste and weight of the original wood). It is naturally formed by adding too much glue, so it is unreasonable for many consumers to judge the quality of the plates by weight alone.

Second, paint is wary of using engineering paints. New furniture, what are you most worried about? Perhaps many people will have the impression that the smell of new furniture is much stronger than that of the sample. Sometimes a new little wardrobe may make the entire room full of irritating odors. This is the VOC and formaldehyde in the paint. Other harmful gases cause disasters. Jiabao Li Shaanxi paint agent Feng Jian told reporters in this way, because the furniture in the paint in terms of color, water resistance, saturation, transparency, adhesion and other requirements than the wall paint is much higher, so that the traditional furniture painting must use paint The chemical volatile components of the paint are more toxic and have higher volatility. This has become a severe carrier of harmful gases in furniture. One of the accepted practices in the industry is the use of water-based paints. The main solvent of the paint is banana water instead of water. Water-based materials are non-toxic, while banana water is a well-known toxic chemical constituent; water-based materials evaporate only water instead of chemical constituents, and in this way, harmful gases in paint are dissolved.

Of course, in recent years, many consumers have chosen to purchase finished furniture in order to buy environmentally-friendly products. However, in fact, some unscrupulous manufacturers use engineering paint for ordinary furniture in order to pursue profits. This is undoubtedly for consumers. Safety lays a huge hidden danger, so it is better to choose products with higher brand reputation and higher recognition when purchasing finished furniture.

Third, the unit area of superposition effect. The materials used are absolutely green and the paint used will not be a problem, but why will the final indoor air testing still fail? In the process of completing the dream of a new home, many people will have such confusion. Why can not qualified products bring qualified air quality? Li Zhiqiang, chief of engineering of the city’s people, introduced the following: “When consumers purchase furniture or choose plates, they must consider the space area, the amount of paint used, the amount of furniture used, and the amount of decoration used in fabrics. The more materials they use, the more likely it is that The greater the amount of harmful gas released per unit area, the worse the environmental protection of the indoor air. If a certain amount of material in a unit area is too large, it may cause excessive emissions of harmful gases in the area. While fully considering practicality, it is also necessary to minimize the use of materials so as to effectively control the release of harmful gases. If a large amount of materials must be used, then the environmental performance of each material must be more stringent.